Microblading, also known as semipermanent makeup.
Compare to traditional permanent makeup that deposits pigment into dermis layer of skin , it deposits the pigment in between basal layer and papillary layer. It can used both hand tool or machine to do so. The pigment lasts could be a bit different in individual. For these who have sensitive and oily skin fade out sooner than normal or dry skin . The other factor is age or life style,such as exfoliate or exercise, also fade out sooner . It usually last for 1-3years.

For these ppl who like trying different makeup style, good thing about microblading is you don’t need to do laser removal , can do the refresh treatment after 6-8 months , so the eyebrows with new shape there !
Healing time: the faster time is 3 days ! Usually up to 7days . It is really thin layer falling off, it is non-noticeable.

Beauty with no down time ! That is everybody wants!

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